Tap into our broad appetite for vacant properties.

Our Insurance Solutions For Vacant Properties

The real estate sector was hard hit amid the pandemic with an influx of properties sitting vacant in communities across the country. Some properties are now being repurposed while many still remain vacant. Seneca Insurance Company is poised to provide you with insurance solutions for vacant properties and land on both a package and monoline basis. In addition, we can also provide you with a Builder’s Risk solution for properties undergoing renovations; for example, retail-to-warehouse conversions due to the surge in online shopping. We’re ready to help you retain your clients throughout the transitional real estate process.

Seneca is a leading writer for older, difficult properties, and understands that vacant risks are fundamentally different than occupied properties requiring unique solutions specifically tailored to them.

Product Highlights


Preferred Risks

We also provide loss control and risk management strategies to help clients protect their vacant properties from vandalism and theft (copper wiring and plumbing are prime targets of criminals due to their street value) and other common hazards.