Our Contractor's equipment coverage travels from one jobsite to the next.

Our Insurance Solutions For Contractor's Equipment

Seneca Insurance Companies provides both admitted and non-admitted Inland Marine coverages to insure contractor’s equipment. Our dedicated and experienced Inland Marine underwriting professionals have the technical expertise to create innovative and flexible solutions for your client’s needs.

We provide floaters for contractor’s tools and equipment that move from site to site – vital coverage for high-cost items susceptible to damage, vandalism theft, and equipment breakdown.

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Rigger’s Liability Insurance

Rigger’s are hired to lift generators, HVAC, telecom equipment that can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and are liable for any damage that may occur during the lift.  Often project contracts require a crane operator to provide a Rigger’s Liability insurance. Seneca can provide you with this coverage to cover a contractor’s liability that arises out of the movement of property and equipment belonging to others.