Our insurance solutions are a great fit for Asian-American businesses.

Our Insurance Solutions For The Asian-American Market

As a company that values diversity and actively promotes the well-being of our communities and all people, Seneca Insurance Company has developed a team of underwriters who bring local expertise along with an understanding of the culture and language of the Asian-American community to offer a unique, customized approach to your clients’ insurance needs.

Our Specialty Package – admitted and non-admitted Property and Liability insurance – focuses on inner-city mercantile risks, commercial real estate, and distributors and wholesalers. That means if you walk around New York City’s Chinatown, for example, and visit any given apartment building, office building, warehouse, importer or store, chances are good that Seneca is providing coverage to protect many of these businesses.

The world is changing rapidly and we have to expect the unexpected – accidents, fires, crime, weather-related catastrophes, problems stemming from human error or oversight. That’s where the right coverage can provide protection even at the most challenging times. No matter what comes your client’s way, we promise to help rebuild, recover, and persevere.


Available Coverages

Seneca is proud to stand alongside the Asian-American community in partnership and friendship, to continue to protect its entrepreneurial dreams and uphold the commitment to its highest ideals.