From ground up to renovations and mid-term projects, we’ve got your insureds’ buildings covered.

Our Builder’s Risk Insurance Solutions

Developers and property owners today are capitalizing on thousands of unused and vacant properties across the country as occupants adjust their operations to a rapidly changing commercial landscape. With changing business interests and priorities, vacant offices are being converted to residential rentals while department stores or large spaces in malls and shopping plazas left vacant are converting into warehousing, distribution, e-commerce, light manufacturing, offices, and other uses. This is a perfect opportunity for insurance professionals to get in on the ground floor of insuring properties as they go from vacant buildings to renovated and new uses.

Seneca Insurance Companies provides you with solutions for vacant buildings and Builder’s Risk options at different stages of the construction process. Our innovative Builder’s Risk team will make sure your client’s investment is adequately covered during construction. Understanding the unique risks that come with buildings under construction and that no two projects are alike, our experienced staff will customize a policy that addresses your client’s needs. Our policies protect property owners, real estate developers, and general contractors with an insurable interest in a construction project, covering materials, equipment and fixtures being permanently installed.

Additionally, we offer Mid-Term Builder’s Risk policies, a unique product in the marketplace and particularly useful if a construction project is delayed.

Once the building is completed and occupied, we can also provide you with Commercial Property solutions so that you are an integral part of the entire real estate insurance transitional process.



Optional Coverages

Included but not limited to: