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Our Insurance Solutions For Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is integral to the success of the U.S. economy, providing millions of job opportunities across the country. Seneca Insurance Company is committed to helping the manufacturing industry continue to move forward as it adopts advanced technology, faces supply chain challenges, and other risks to get products to distributors and retailers and into the hands of consumers.


Food Processing Highlights

Seneca Insurance offers customized solutions for all segments of the food processing industry including manufacturers, ingredient handling, factory and store operations, cold storage, transportation and distribution for accounts with sales ranging from $3M to $100M

Coverages Available (TIV $50M per location) :

Target Classes:

HACCP Plan required for consideration.

Spices, Produce, Pet Food and Baby Food are ineligible.

Addititional Manufacturing Target Classes

Product Highlights

For metal shops, we also provide coverage for: property of others in the insured’s care (molds & dies); goods in transit; business personal property temporarily at another business such as heat treaters, grinding shops or plating operations; computer hardware and ERP software; and for employee tools at an insured’s premises.

For plastic manufacturers, we also provide coverage for molds.