Securing Vacant Property

There are more than 12,000 fires in vacant structures every year. Almost 72% are of suspicious nature.

Vacant buildings in communities become havens for the homeless, and vandals. They can even serve as magnets for criminal activity. Unfortunately, vacant rental properties serve as targets of opportunity for would be thieves, as even copper wiring and plumbing have extraordinary street value in today’s economy: the furnace and hot water heater are worth quite a bit in scrap metal. That’s a huge investment down the drain!

Prevention is simple: Appearance. Security. Housekeeping.




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The material contained in this document is for informational purposes only. Your individual circumstances may vary depending upon location, type of construction and other factors and you may therefore be required to implement unique approaches to address particular issues that exist at your location. Please consult with licensed professionals and your utility providers to ensure that any safeguards or improvements you undertake are appropriate and safe.